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 Act Fourteen: Conclusion

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Sailor Cosmos ~ Admin
Sailor Cosmos ~ Admin

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Act Fourteen: Conclusion Empty
PostSubject: Act Fourteen: Conclusion   Act Fourteen: Conclusion EmptyJanuary 18th 2015, 12:55 pm

Conclusion and Commencement: Petite Etrangere

First air date: 1/17/15

Usagi uses the strength of her heart to activate teh true power of the Silver Crystal and defeat Queen Metalia. The true power of the Silver Crystal and the powers of the fallen Guardians restore the Crystal Tower back on the moon, which Luna prays at to give Usagi more strength. Usagi uses this power to defeat Metalia and her tranfsormation brooch breaks, but this causes teh Silver Millenium to be restored to it's full glory and brighten the Moon once again. Luna calls Usagi to the Moon and tells her that she is now Queen of the Silver Millenium. Usagi refuses, as she was reborn to be with Mamoru and live on Earth. Queen Serenity's hologram appears again and grants her this wish and a new transformation. "Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!" is revealed to us, as Usagi becomes Sailor Moon once again. She uses Moon Healing Escalation to revive everyone and heal the Earth.
Everyone goes back to their normal lives. Rei has a vision that gives us a sense of forshadowing, and then we see Mamoru and Usagi meeting up, they kiss, and suddenly a pink haired girl falls out of a portal in the sky. She reveals she is Usagi, and tells Usagi Tsukino to give her the Silver Crystal at gun point.

~Sailor Cosmos
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Act Fourteen: Conclusion
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