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 Act Thirteen: Final Battle

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PostSubject: Act Thirteen: Final Battle   January 18th 2015, 12:47 pm

Final Battle: Reincarnation

First air date: 1/3/15

With the death of Usagi and Mamoru, the Silver Crystal takes it's true form. Queen Metalia suck in the Crystal and the two lovers. Luna gets hurt and the Gaurdians attempt to fight for Usagi instead, but are eventually all defeated. Artemis takes Luna to the command crystal on the Moon to beg Queen Serenity for help. The Guardians use the Holy Sword and their powers to awaken Usagi, who is alive because Mamoru's watch protected her. Mamoru is also alive, as the gems of his fallen knights protected him one last time. The four knights tell him Metalia's weak spot is her forehead. Mamoru tells Usagi to defeat Metalia once and for all.

~Sailor Cosmos
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Act Thirteen: Final Battle
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