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 Act Twelve: Enemy

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PostSubject: Act Twelve: Enemy    January 18th 2015, 12:30 pm

Enemy: Queen Metalia

First air date: 12/20/14

In this episode Beryl is messing with Usagi by saying that Mamoru is dead and now the strongest warrior of the dark kingdom. Ami takes everyone to an alternate dimension to protect the command cernter. Sailor Venus tells everyone that Beryl is also just a pawn of Queen Metalia, the ring leader behind the Dark Kingdom. It is revealed that Queen Metalia is the one that ruined the Silver Millenium in their previous lives as well. Sailor Venus calls forth the Holy Sword and breaks them all free from Beryl's hold. They attempt to break the necklace that is the source of Metalia's dark power that Beryl has on her person. Usagi's love for Mamoru gives the sword enough power to break it. This destoys Beryl in the process and we get to see her memories as she dies, and the fact that Beryl was a servant of Endymion that was in love with him and jealous of his love with the Moon Princess.She had vowed to have him one day, and Metalia had promised her that she could make it so. Metalia commands Mamoru to steal the Silver Crystal and Usagi follows him to the North Pole where the Dark Kingdom is based. The Sailor Senshi fight the Four Dark Kings, but really the girls just try to make the guys remember who they really are. The girls purify the guys and they remember everything, but Metali kills them. Usagi is told that the Silver Crystal is still inside of Mamoru and she needs it to save the world and themselves. Failing to purify Mamoru, Usagi uses the holy sword to stab them both in the chest, repeating their tragic history of suicide.
(A lot of stuff happened this episode!)

~Sailor Cosmos
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Act Twelve: Enemy
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