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 Act Eleven: Reunion

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Sailor Cosmos ~ Admin

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Act Eleven: Reunion Empty
PostSubject: Act Eleven: Reunion   Act Eleven: Reunion EmptyJanuary 18th 2015, 12:19 pm

Reunion: Endymion

First air date: 12/6/14

In this episode, the now evil Tuxedo Mask appears. His mission is to kill Usagi, take the Silver Crystal, and ends up almost destroying the Senshi base of operations that is under the arcade. He hypnotizes Motoki-san into helping him keep up his facade and to fight. Beryl gets control of the Silver Crystal, and because Mamoru hurt Luna, Usagi had the power to fight back. Beryl reveals to Usagi that Mamoru is real, but under her command now.

~Sailor Cosmos
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Act Eleven: Reunion
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