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 Act Ten: Moon

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Sailor Cosmos ~ Admin
Sailor Cosmos ~ Admin

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Act Ten: Moon Empty
PostSubject: Act Ten: Moon   Act Ten: Moon EmptyJanuary 18th 2015, 12:14 pm


First air date: 11/15/14

In this episode, the senshi all travel to the Moon and explore the ruins of the Moon Kingdom. They come across a sword stuck in some stone and work together to pull it free. It is the sword of the Guardians sworn to protect the Silver Millennium. After the stone is free, a hologram of Queen Serenity appears, and she begins to explain everything to the girls, a bit focused on her daughter, Serenity. She shows them everything that we hadn't yet seen, and she assures Usagi that Mamoru is still alive and can be saved. The Four Dark Kings over hear that they're really Endymion's knights and begin to fight off the darkness inside them, but are quickly re-hypnotized with dark powers. Beryl turns Tuxedo Mask against his true love, and then the sad part begins.

~Sailor Cosmos
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Act Ten: Moon
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