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 Act Nine: Serenity

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PostSubject: Act Nine: Serenity    January 18th 2015, 12:08 pm

Serenity: Princess

First air date: 11/1/14

In this episode, after Tuxedo Mask takes a very hard hit from Kunzite's attack, Mamoru gets his memories back and realizes that he is Endymion, Prince of Earth. Usagi's sorrow and pain cause her to awaken as Serenity and we get to see the real Moon Princess. We get to see a flashback of her memories as she learns them, showing how the Prince of Earth and the Princess of the Moon first fell in love. We also get to see part of the Moon Battle and how the two lovers ended. Usagi's tears bring forth the Silver Crystal, and the power drips into Mamoru as he is dying. Queen Beryl appears and they steal Mamoru's body. After the battle, though Usagi is a mess, Sailor V reveals her true identity as Sailor Venus, the true leader of the Sailor Senshi. Everyone gets their memories back. Later, everyone visits a depressed Usagi, who's hair is growing like crazy, so they help her out the way true friends do: MAKE OVER! After that, the team decides to travel to the Moon to learn everything.

~Sailor Cosmos
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Act Nine: Serenity
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