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 Act Eight: Minako

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Sailor Cosmos ~ Admin
Sailor Cosmos ~ Admin

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PostSubject: Act Eight: Minako   January 18th 2015, 12:02 pm

Minako: Sailor V

First air date: 10/18/14

In this episode, Minako - aka Sailor V, takes the stage! Artemis, the white cat companion, tells everyone that Sailor V is the Princess reborn, but Usagi gets a small glimpse of her forgotten memories when her tiara changes. Sailor V tells everyone what the Dark Kingdom's plan is and that they have to stop them. The Dark Kings cause a blackout, Kunzite and Sailor V start fighting, the other senshi catch on to it and go to help, and then when a killing blow should have hit Sailor Moon and the senshi, Tuxedo Mask takes the hit instead. (True love makes you do crazy things... *daydreamy sigh*)

Any questions? Comments?

~Sailor Cosmos
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Act Eight: Minako
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