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 A Few Simple Rules

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Sailor Cosmos ~ Admin
Sailor Cosmos ~ Admin

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A Few Simple Rules Empty
PostSubject: A Few Simple Rules   A Few Simple Rules EmptyJanuary 3rd 2015, 9:14 am

This is going to be quick, Moonies.

There will be a 3 strike system on this forum. You get ONE warning, from ONE Admin. If you continue to misbehave, you will be banned for a day. When you return, if you are still not following the rules, you will be banned for life. We will know which users are acting up, as my team of Admins and I speak regularly and are all great communicators. Now... Onto the rules.

-Please use acceptable language for all. This means, keep the swearing to a minimum (a.k.a. pretty much nonexistent)
-Please keep your personal information to a minimum. (This is for your safety!)
-Please keep your profile pictures tasteful. (This means no nudity.)
-Please be respectful to EVERYONE. This means that even if you do not agree with something that somebody has said, simply turn the other cheek and ignore it. This is a huge part of growing up and I would like to see people acting like adults, while still having fun here.
-If somebody offends you, somehow, let an Admin know RIGHT AWAY. Do not say anything to them, just report it to us and let us do whatever we can to ensure that you get an apology or that we can punish the offender accordingly. It's not tattling, it's reporting an issue. This is YOUR RIGHT. (Please include a screenshot of what you said and then what they said that offended you in your PM to the Admin. This will help us determine how to handle the situation and double check that the posts were not edited.)
-Do not try to get people in trouble over arguments.
-Trolls will be deleted and banned.

Rules are subject to change and updates as needed.
~Sailor Cosmos
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A Few Simple Rules
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