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 Act Six: Tuxedo Mask

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Sailor Cosmos ~ Admin
Sailor Cosmos ~ Admin

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PostSubject: Act Six: Tuxedo Mask    January 18th 2015, 11:51 am

Tuxedo Mask

First air date: 9/20/14

In this episode, Tuxedo Mask goes public about looking for the Silver Crystal. We also get some back story about Luna being from the Moon Kingdom and a little bit of an explanation about her mission. Usagi hears the voice of Sailor V while playing the video game in the arcade, and begins to ponder about any more allies. Zoisite hypnotizes the citizens of the Juban District into looking for the Silver Crystal, essentially tearing everything up along the way. Queen Beryl appears, so we get to really see her in action for the first time and then Usagi is encouraged by Tuxedo Mask to use her special powers to save everyone, which she does with "Moon Healing Escalation!" Usagi passes out from the extreme use of power and she wakes up in Chiba Mamoru's apartment, and he reveals his identity to her.

Squee! What an episode! Wink

~Sailor Cosmos
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Act Six: Tuxedo Mask
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