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 Act Five: Makoto

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Act Five: Makoto Empty
PostSubject: Act Five: Makoto   Act Five: Makoto EmptyJanuary 18th 2015, 11:44 am

Makoto: Sailor Jupiter

First air date: 9/6/14

In this episode, we finally get to meet Sailor Jupiter! But first comes her "normal girl" self, Makoto! A girl that is extremely strong, tall, and a good cook. When we meet her, she has saved Usagi's life from being hit by a car. It is revealed that she is a new transfer student to Usagi's school. Usagi befreinds her, despite Makoto's "odd" height/superwoman body image. Usagi has a dream where she and her team are led to save Makoto from Motoki-san, who has been hypnotized by the "cursed bride" (oh, did I forget to mention the story of the cursed mannequin? Well, I can't give EVERYTHING away...) So, long story short, her powers awaken during the fight and Sailor Jupiter has arrived!!! Oh, and Usagi gets the Moon Stick, finally!

Let me know your comments below!
~Sailor Cosmos
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Act Five: Makoto
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