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 Princess Kaguya

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Princess Kaguya ~ Admin

Princess Kaguya ~ Admin

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PostSubject: Princess Kaguya   Princess Kaguya EmptyJanuary 12th 2015, 4:18 am

Hello all! I am Princess Kaguya, admin of this page with Chibi Moon and Cosmos!

I used to be an admin of the Sailor moon Crystal page where I went as Sailor Jupiter, like the other two, but left due to personal and moral reasons.

I am most like Sailor Jupiter of all the senshi, as I am a cook and a baker, a tomboy, but also quite feminine in my love of romance, beauty and flowers! I recently graduated from my first year of culinary school and plan on finishing in the next few years. I am "modified", and what I mean by that is piercings, tattoos (including a Moon Stick on my ankle), and my current hair color is Green (influenced by my two favorite senshi, Pluto and Jupiter).

I chose Princess Kaguya as a tag because I needed to "revamp" myself, and that seemed like a good choice. Its unique, and unless your a fan of Sailor Moon, you wouldnt get the reference (unless referring to the traditional Japanese folk tale the Bamboo Cutter.) If you dont get it, don't worry. Its the alias Luna took in her human form in the second movie, Sailor Moon S: Hearts In Ice, which is my absolute all time favorite movie.

I am an avid collector of Sailor Moon merch, mostly the newer stuff. I am almost always on top of the newest releases and I will be updating with most of the information.

I hope you guys enjoy this page as much as I do!
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Princess Kaguya
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