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 Infinity Acts 27-38

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Infinity Acts 27-38 Empty
PostSubject: Infinity Acts 27-38   Infinity Acts 27-38 EmptyJanuary 11th 2015, 10:50 am

This is the third arc in the series. The "Infinity" arc corresponds with the third season in the anime. This is where we meet Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Pluto, Professor Tomoe and Mistress 9/Hotaru. This is a crazy awesome storyline and portrayed beautifully in the manga.

There are approximately 12 acts in this arc.

The acts:
Act 27: Infinity 1, Premonition
Act 28: Infinity 2, Ripples
Act 29: Infinity 3, Two New Soldiers
Act 30: Infinity 4, Sailor Uranus - Haruka Teno, Sailor Neptune - Michiru Kaio
Act 31: Infinity 5, Sailor Pluto - Setsuna Meio
Act 32: Infinity 6, Three Gaurdians
Act 33: Infinity 7, Transformation, Super Sailor Moon
Act 34: Infinity 8, Infinite Labyrinth 1
Act 35: Infinity 9, Infinite Labyrinth 2
Act 36: Infinity 10, Infinite - Upper Atmosphere
Act 37: Infinity 11, Infinite - Judge
Act 38: Infinity 12, Infinite - Journey

~Sailor Cosmos
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Infinity Acts 27-38
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